Evening at Holkham

Brenda writes: “I settled back into my pattern of moving from place to place either by car or on foot. As I go about my duties I have been musing on the range of flowers I have seen through the year. I have many favourites: Scarlet pimpernel, which grows in my garden, always makes me smile, and the bee orchids in our garden of course. A stand of rosebay willowherb is a joy to behold and I love to see white bryony twining through a hedge. But I think this year the star of the show has been yarrow. This tenacious little plant just keeps going and its cluster of tiny white flowers on a sturdy stalk will continue to adorn grass verges until eventually flattened by frost or snow.

I finished my day at St Withburga’s and, since it wasn’t raining, had a brief walk across to the north end of Holkham lake under the watchful eye of the roe deer – I was on their patch after all. Hundreds of jackdaws flew over my head and then disappeared into the trees to roost. On the lake I could just make out a great crested grebe being pestered by its chick and two grey herons took off and lazily flapped away.”

Part of the lake at Holkham

No new species for October 31st:

Birds = 226
Moths = 255
Wildflowers = 290