Covid strikes

As if to try to compound our lack of wildlife opportunities this week I came down with covid today: Amazingly my first ever bout! We had already had about three people succumb during the course, and I gather it is pretty rife at present. I started feeling unwell during the day, but it hit me quite suddenly at around tea time, so I tested and was showing positive within about 30 seconds!

The upshot of this was that I had to leave the course site, as their rules stated that no one testing positive could stay at the school. So I would be spending the final days of the course in our camper (lucky we had travelled up in that!) on a field in the middle of nowhere, and Brenda (still testing negative) became de facto course director in my absence, meaning she would now be running around like a mad thing!

I guess I had to get covid sooner or later!

Here’s a photo of the sunset on the first evening I was on my own in the camper. A fantastic view from an escarpment about 15 miles south of Newbury, very near to (my map tells me) Watership Down.

View from the camper van

This site – obviously because it’s the highest point for miles around – also boasted the tallest aerial mast I’ve ever got close to!

A very tall mast!

No new species for August 10th:

Birds = 214
Moths = 207
Wildflowers = 270