Confusing speedwells

common field speedwell

But among that was another speedwell with tiny bright blue flowers of a similar size to the lilac ivy-leaved. The field guide has a very useful row of flowers with a single leaf spread across the bottom of the page to provide comparisons of size and colour and, having also checked the description, I decided it was green field speedwell! In this photo it’s interesting to note the difference between the leaves of this, which are toothed and shiny, and the leaves of lilac ivy-leaved, which are very hairy.   

green field speedwell (centre) with the hairy leaves and a flower of lilac ivy-leaved speedwell showing well at the top right (and leaves of herb robert middle left and bottom right!)

After a very enjoyable course we had intended to stop off at Lynford Arboretum for a walk but since it was by then pouring with rain we decided to head straight home!”

New species for March 23rd:
Flowers: common field speedwell, green field speedwell

Birds = 147
Moths = 13
Wildflowers = 29