Colour variations

Brenda writes: “There were no new flowers today but as I headed up to Wighton church there was some very pretty field bindweed. It ranges from virtually white to deep pink and at the moment us adorning the grass verges.

field bindweed

Talking of variability, we’re still getting huge numbers of dark arches in the trap, 29 last night including a really dark one.

A very dark dark arches

The field guide is hugely helpful by providing a selection of colourations.

A page from the field guide

There was a tan coloured large yellow underwing today.

A tan-coloured large yellow underwing

They are generally darker. The variations add to the general confusion – all good fun!

A more normal large yellow underwing

No new species for June 25th:

Birds = 203
Moths = 131
Wildflowers = 215