Christmas crowds at the beach

We went for a family walk on Holkham beach today: It was very busy but luckily it’s a large enough area to absorb a lot of people! The disturbance was, though, evident in the lack of waders on the beach. Any self-respecting wader had most likely relocated to a remote part of the coast well away from a car park! I was, however, pleased to see a large raft of common scoter on the sea and – as Brendas mentions below – there were plenty of ducks and geese on the flooded areas around Lady Anne’s Drive.


Brenda writes: “Recently I bought a copy of Jake Fienne’s book ‘Land Healer’. I met him not long after he joined the staff at Holkham, when I arranged a visit to the nature reserve by the then Bishop of Lynn Jonathan Meyrick. Jake’s passion for nature conservation and his vision for the reserve was obvious. As we parked the car today and headed down Lady Anne’s Drive I remembered him saying that to engage people you need to bring the nature to them – and he has really succeeded here. The removal of the drains has allowed the fields on either side of the drive to revert to flood meadows, and a screen of reeds reduces disturbance which means that the birds are literally a few metres away, clearly visible without the need for binoculars. Here I have often seen, wigeon, teal, curlew, shoveler and much more, with marsh harriers overhead, before even starting my walk.”

A decomposing tree trunk on Holkham beach

No new species for December 26th:

Birds = 231
Moths = 259
Wildflowers = 291