It’s going to be tricky to keep up an interesting blog for the next couple of weeks as Brenda and I are both away on music courses! On the current course in Berkshire Brenda is a viola tutor and I’m course director. That means that I’m generally pretty busy for the entire week, but on this particular week one of our conductors is off sick, so I’m also doing his job….which means I’m basically running around madly for five days!!

To compound the lack of wildlife sightings the weather is somewhat dismal!

So I thought I’d post a photo from 2019 of a bird I haven’t yet managed to see this year – a whinchat.

A male whinchat at Wells-next-the-Sea (photo taken in 2019)

No new species for August 7th:

Birds = 214
Moths = 207
Wildflowers = 267