Bobbing along

I managed just a short walk today at the pools to the west of Wells, but it allowed me to clear my thoughts and also get rather blown around as it was pretty windy! There were a good number of waders there today, plenty of redshank and lapwing plus a small flock of black-tailed godwits. There was also a solitary greenshank, a couple of common snipe and – much to my delight – two common sandpipers. These are lovely small waders that I was wondering when I would see this year. They have an endearing tendency to bob up and down as they walk!

common sandpiper (photo taken 2013)

There was just one new flower today and no moths – in fact there are so few moths coming to the moth light that we’re beginning to wonder if there’s a problem with it…..but I think Brenda reckons it’s just the cold, rainy and windy weather. Let’s hope it picks up soon: I want to see some hawk moths!

New species for May 4th:
Birds: common sandpiper
Flowers: hedge mustard