Blue is the colour

Brenda writes: “There were 51 moths in the trap today, 32 of them large yellow underwings and one another blue underwing, our third this year! There are always a few setaceous Hebrew characters and lesser yellow underwings, and it’s a pleasure to see the variety of lunar underwing markings.

The Lady Chapel in Ely Cathedral

Today I had a wedding at Wells then drove to Ely to play in the Ely Sinfonia concert Steve was conducting at the Cathedral. It always feels like coming home since this is where I was ordained. There’s been much debate about the statue of Mary in the Lady Chapel but I’ve grown to like her and I also like to visit Etheldreda behind the main altar. It pleases me that one of my churches (Holkham) is named after her sister Withburga. 

Statue of St Etheldreda in Ely Cathedral

No new species for September 23rd:

Birds = 218
Moths = 233
Wildflowers = 280