Heather at Bennachie

Today we interrupted our decorating and DIY to have a walk on one of the many paths around Bennachie. I didn’t see many birds at all on this walk, but did get close views of a handful of goldcrests.

Brenda writes: “I don’t have the moth trap with me but it was still nice to see a square-spot rustic that had come into the house. Last week I let three moths go – only to discover that one of them had laid eggs. Not knowing which I looked up the food plants for all three and brought the eggs with me. They hatched today and so the caterpillars are set up with a selection of food; beech for September thorn, goosegrass for common carpet, and dandelion for orange swift.

As Steve mentions above we also had a walk locally and it was lovely to see heather in flower.”

No new species for August 29th:

Birds = 215
Moths = 218
Wildflowers = 271