Avocets on the warpath

I had a bit of free time today and so headed over to Titchwell as it’s fair to say that with limited time Titchwell or Cley are two of the best places to see a good number of species quickly!

An avocet on the warpath – they are very defensive of their territories!
What an amazing bill!

Titchwell didn’t disappoint today as I saw 29 species in about an hour, including good views of mediterranean gulls and a nice juvenile bearded tit. The “usual suspects” such as avocet and marsh harrier were around, but to my delight, at the far side of the main freshwater lagoon were two spotted redshanks, my first of the year.

Too distant for a decent photo, but recognisably spotted redshanks

There were also plenty of summer plumage black-tailed godwits and several common terns.

common tern
black-tailed godwit
This godwit is either scratching or trying to signal me to stop taking photos of it…!

Brenda writes: “Today I had a Zoom sandwich; meetings morning and evening and a funeral in the afternoon at Burnham Thorpe, the village where Horatio Nelson grew up. I always feel a level of awe taking services there because Nelson’s father was priest there!

Driving through the lanes there were no new flowers, but it had been a better night in the moth trap including five new species, one of which I have never seen before, the short-cloaked moth, which is very small but is a macro.

short-cloaked moth

Common rustic is variable but, unlike some other rustics, clearly recognisable.

common rustic

The dot moth is also unmistakable, black with clean white dots on its wings.

dot moth

The star macro today was a plain golden y.

plain golden y

I’m always pleased when there’s a micro with unmistakable markings and absolutely love agapeta zoegana.”

agapeta zoegana

New species for July 6th:
Birds: spotted redshank
Moths: common rustic, dot moth, short-cloaked moth, agapeta zoegana, plain golden y

Birds = 206
Moths = 169
Wildflowers = 234