Another warbler

I decided to take a quick trip to Titchwell this afternoon, though I didn’t ha e much time. Well worth it though because there had been a great reed warbler seen there. This a rather like a large version of a standard reed warbler – about 1.5 times the size, which is definitely noticeable. I wasn’t sure I would see it as they can be quite elusive, but I joined five or six other birders to see if it would show up. They’re relatively common in Europe, wintering in north Africa and breeding over most of Europe. They haven’t really spread to the UK though, so we just get a handful of records each year. This would be a new life list species for me!

For about 25 minutes there was neither sight nor sound of the bird, but then someone spotted it in a small bush. We all got into position on the bank near this point and waited. My first view was as it flew between one bush and a smaller adjacent one: The size difference to a reed warbler was very obvious. The bird then obligingly – but only for a few seconds – perched on the edge of the bush at the front, allowing us all to get clear views, though it wasn’t long enough for me to get a photo. A great addition to the list though, and a bird I’d like to get more views of in the future.

Brenda writes: “I wasn’t out and about very much today, but as I drove down a lane between Wighton and Warham I had to stop and take a snap of the sea of cow parsley on the verge. Wonderful!” 

New species for May 11th:
Birds: great reed warbler