Another hawk-moth

Whilst cleaning our caravan today we got the impression that the previous guests may have been encouraging the local mallards with food!

We were heading to Benslow after lunch to rehearse for a string trio concert this evening, followed by a quartet course which we’ll be coaching on until Monday. I’m hoping to get a photo of one of the local black squirrels, and Brenda is hoping that the deadly nightshade in the Benslow garden is in flower.

Brenda writes: “There was one new moth in the trap this morning – our third hawk-moth of the year, a pine hawk-moth. Also I’ve been noticing that ox-eye daisy is just on the verge of flowering, and as we drove south from Wells it therefore wasn’t a surprise that an entire roundabout island on the edge of Thetford was a sea of ox-eye daisies!”

pine hawk-moth

New species for May 19th:
Moths: pine hawk-moth
Flowers: ox-eye daisy