And a partridge in…..the middle of the road!

Today was always going to be limited for wildlife viewing, as I was conducting a workshop on Tchaikovsky’s amazing 6th Symphony in Ely with Ely Sinfonia.

So I set off this morning to drive to Ely thinking “do I write a blog if there’s nothing to report?”. This has been on my mind: A large part of me wants to write something every day, for the sake of completeness. But what to write if there’s no new wildlife news…Maybe a little background about my interest in birds, or how Brenda got into wild flowers and moths…

excellent view of the moon on the way to Ely this morning

But today, about four miles from home, on the road to Fakenham, the problem was postponed as a small group of 6 or 7 red-legged partridge ran across the road in front of me. Perfect!

We also have a lot of grey partridge in Norfolk so I should see these fairly soon. Both species are rather beautifully marked (sorry, but I haven’t taken any photos of red-legged, so you’ll have to look them up).

On the drive I also saw some birds already ticked: A couple of red kites, a kestrel, and plenty of wood pigeons and black-headed gulls. Plus a barn owl on the drive home.

S: Any moths in the moth tra…..
B: Two leaves and a fly.

New species for January 8th:
Birds: red-legged partridge

Birds = 61
Moths = 0
Wildflowers = 8