An unexpected lizard

There was no chance for wildlife watching today: I had two online meetings, one face-to-face meeting and a physiotherapy session (for an occasional shoulder injury), and then had to pack before heading off, with Brenda, to Benslow Music Trust, where we would be coaching on a music course until Thursday!

But – as so often happens with nature – just when I thought nothing would happen that would be worthy of writing about, I was walking between two parts of the Benslow buildings when I saw, on the path in front of me, at about 8.30 in the evening, a lizard! I stopped to photograph it and take a short video. Looking it up later I think it’s viviparous lizard (also known as common lizard).

Later in the evening – in the bar – I showed the video to some of my colleagues on the course, and then, as the last of us were heading to bed we almost trod on the same, or perhaps another lizard, which had somehow got inside the building: I moved this one to a somewhat safer sheltered spot in an adjacent courtyard.

No new species for March 20th:

Birds = 147
Moths = 13
Wildflowers = 25