An aggregate ermine

Brenda writes: “There were three new moths in the trap today. This was the first time I’d seen a blackneck. James says he sees it every three or four years and it likes marshy places.


There was another lovely micro, a beautiful china-mark and thirty or more of a moth called an ermine of the yponomeuta family, which is white with black dots. Most of them were on the wall of the house. There are nine of them in the book and to check them all would be impossible so I have to put them down as aggregates (agg.), an accepted way of recording a moth of a certain group or family that can’t be specifically identified at species level. I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo, but will do the next time I see one. I might even try to work out which species it is!”

beautiful china-mark

New species for July 10th:
Moths: blackneck, beautiful china-mark, yponomeuta (agg.)

Birds = 206
Moths = 180
Wildflowers = 235