Brenda writes: “Today we had sunshine and, after setting up Warham’s nativity ready for tomorrow’s carol service at All Saints, I took a walk down the lane towards Wighton, crossing the River Stiffkey as I did. They say the river used to be navigable and pilgrims to Walsingham would alight at the village and walk the last couple of miles to the shrine.

The River Stiffkey

Today’s flower list was daisy, white deadnettle and yarrow, but I also saw some glorious rosehips.

Stopping at a field junction I disturbed three brown hares which pelted off at great speed, and then I heard the distinctive ‘peep peep peep chrr chrr’ of long-tailed tits as a flock of nine pottered along the hedgerow taking no notice of me. As the sun set I headed back and the afterglow just got better and better. What is it about a pink sunset? It just makes me want to smile.”

No new species for December 16th:

Birds = 229
Moths = 259
Wildflowers = 291