A windy Cley

Mid-afternoon today I went over to Cley and walked the East Bank to the beach again for another spot of sea-watching. Unlike my previous visit the weather has now turned somewhat and today it was cold and very windy on the beach.

The view east from the East Bank at Cley towards Salthouse

I did manage, however, to see more Manx shearwaters, alongside – as before – gannets, razorbills, common terns and a red-throated diver quite close inshore. Today there were also a few little terns. On the way back along the bank I stopped to photograph a lapwing in the late afternoon light. Lovely birds!


There was also a small flock of linnets feeding on the edge of the marsh, amazingly well camouflaged in the vegetation.


Before heading home I went into the Bishop’s Hide and was pleased that I had as there were three cattle egrets on one of the islands amongst black-headed gulls. At two points whilst I was in the hide the birds all took to the air – the first time because of a passing marsh harrier and the second as a peregrine falcon swooped through.

Brenda writes: “After continued wind and rain overnight I expected the trap to be empty but found 7 moths, 1 large yellow underwing, 3 large wainscot, 2 light brown apple and another Blair’s shoulder-knot. The day dawned sunny but much colder and the bride at the wedding I was taking arrived at church in a horse-drawn carriage.

Wedding transport at Holkham church

After the wedding I decided to have a walk around the lake and it was lovely to see great crested grebe with young, little grebe, cormorants and little egrets. Surprisingly I saw no birds of prey but lots of deer down by the lake and in the woodland.”

Holkham Hall and lake

No new species for October 14th:

Birds = 223
Moths = 250
Wildflowers = 289