A vapourer

In the early evening we visited the pools east of Wells again and managed to catch another distant view of the Wilson’s phalarope. There were quite a lot of birds about: black-tailed godwits, lapwing, ruff and snipe, marsh harrier, common buzzard, kestrel and barn owl, teal, shoveler and a handful of pintail. A nice mix!

Brenda writes: “There were 11 species of moth in the trap today with the large yellow underwings back in front, although there were only 7 of them! As I was emptying my egg boxes into the hedge something fluttered down¬† that had me dashing for a moth pot, a new species for me, a vapourer, and what a beauty.


I was leafletting in Warham today and as I went around the village I recorded 27 species of wild flower still showing blooms!”

New species for October 3rd:
Moths: vapourer

Birds = 221
Moths = 245
Wildflowers = 286