A tiger in the garden

I remember the early days of this blog, and the fun I had saying to Brenda “Any moths today?”! We didn’t get our first moths of the year until January 28th, by which time Brenda had identified 11 flower species but I’d seen 110 birds! Those days are long gone…..I ought to do a graph of the way the numbers went…..perhaps I will. Today the moth count finally got to 200. So now we’re over 200 on birds, flowers, moths and blog posts! I suspect that moth numbers will overtake my bird count before the end of the month 🙁

Brenda writes: “After a rainy night I didn’t have high expectations as I went out to the moth trap but had a very pleasant surprise as the first moth I saw was a garden tiger. What a magnificent moth.

garden tiger
The garden tiger moth “revving up” for take-off

There was another new member if the footman family – dingy. It is very similar in colouration to common footman but has a more ‘rotund’ body shape and a paler yellow edge to the wings.

dingy footman

I think rosy rustic is the most beautiful of the rustics. It flies August-October so it’s bang on schedule.”

rosy rustic

New species for August 2nd:
Moths: garden tiger, dingy footman, rosy rustic

Birds = 214
Moths = 200
Wildflowers = 266