A snout

Brenda writes: “For me the sign that autumn is just around the corner is ivy coming into flower and I saw my first today. It really is rather beautiful and will provide our insects with a valuable source of nectar as other species go to seed.


Talking of going to seed, I came across a patch of purple loosestrife today amongst the creeping thistle thistle-down.

purple loosestrife

The moth trap was back on and we had an exciting night with an old lady and another blue underwing, plus two new species. I am rather surprised that I haven’t recorded snout yet this year. I think it’s fairly obvious why it’s called this!


The second new moth is the very pretty light emerald. I love the dark notch on the edge of its wing.”

light emerald

New species for September 4th:
Moths: snout, light emerald
Flowers: ivy

Birds = 215
Moths = 221
Wildflowers = 276