Halfway there

Today is the precise halfway point for our one year blog: day 183 of 365. Of course it has no particular significance, except that having got this far I think we should try to do the whole year, though I think Brenda is finding it quite hard work keeping up with both moths and flowers! I guess I’ve got it fairly easy now as there won’t be huge numbers of new bird species. So today, like many recent entries, is dominated by moths.

Brenda writes: “A cooler and breezy night meant fewer moths in the trap but we had three lovely new ones. I remember that the first time I saw a miller I thought it was a worn grey dagger. I think its minimalist markings are stunning.


By contrast the rosy footman is really pretty.

rosy footman

I checked the third moth with James, a marbled clover. Out around the parishes doing services there were no new flowers on the verges. What I have been aware of is that everything is so tall this year. So for example we have nearly 2 metre tall creeping thistles in our garden when last year they were only about half a metre high.”

New species for July 2nd:
Moths: miller, rosy footman, marbled clover

Birds = 203
Moths = 160
Wildflowers = 225