A pale November in October?

Brenda writes: “After emptying the moth trap – which contained large wainscot, red-line quaker, chestnut and a solitary large yellow underwing – I dismantled it to take north with us to Waulkmill, and found a black rustic in a corner and a delicate under the light bar. There were three Novembers on the wall. They are very variable and I brought one in that had lovely markings. Looking at the book I thought it might be a pale November. James agreed but said the only way to be sure is to dissect it. I’ll pass on that!

A possible pale November moth

Heading north we were able to see some of the effects of Storm Babet. Sitting in a queue at some roadworks we were surrounded by water where the River Trent had burst its banks. 

Flooded fields near the River Trent

No new species for October 23rd:

Birds = 223
Moths = 252
Wildflowers = 289