A none day!

Although there were 17 species of moths in the moth trap today (so Brenda informs me), including a standard latticed heath as opposed to yesterday’s wonderfully aberrant one, there were no new species, and no new flowers or birds.

James has asked Brenda to keep the latticed heath as if it’s a female it might lay eggs and he would then breed them through to see if there were any more interestingly marked individuals. The food plants for latticed heath are trefoils, and so Brenda was outside this morning finding bird’s-foot trefoil, white clover and hop trefoil – a mothy feast! Actually the food plants are for any caterpillars. James suggested a white or red clover head to provide a smidgeon of nectar for the actual moth…

bird’s-foot trefoil – a nice snack for a latticed heath

No new species for August 1st:

Birds = 214
Moths = 197
Wildflowers = 266