Don’t fret

Today we had friends visiting but managed a walk at Lady Anne’s Drive with them late morning. It was misty – a bit of sea fret as it’s known here – so we didn’t stay out long, but as you’ll know from previous entries about this area there is always plenty to see – pink-footed and greylag geese, a marsh harrier, grey partridges, lots of wigeon and shovelers, curlews and so on.

Brenda writes: “I saw my first alexanders today. Considered as a pest by many, it grows profusely along grass verges in coastal areas. Like cow parsley it is an umbellifer but is much more chunky, with profuse dark green leaves, woody stems and flowers which are greeny yellow. This year I will try to take careful note of how far inland I see it growing because it really doesn’t like to be too far from the sea!


New species for February 28th:
Flowers: alexanders

Birds = 131
Moths = 5
Wildflowers = 23