A minor pair

Today I spent the whole time in the car, driving up to our Scottish house, where I have some decorating to do and various meetings with surveyors and architects! I saw several red kites and buzzards along the way, but didn’t manage any stops at reserves. Hopefully though I will manage to add a few missing Scottish speciality birds to my list over the coming week.

Brenda writes: “It’s interesting how the balance of what comes to the moth trap varies. Today I had six broad-bordered yellow underwings,  fourteen large yellow underwings and two lesser yellow underwings, with other species in ones and twos. There were two minors to add to my list, cloaked minor and a stunningly beautiful rosy minor. 

cloaked minor
rosy minor

New species for July 17th:
Moths: cloaked minor, rosy minor

Birds = 207
Moths = 187
Wildflowers = 244