A lime hawk

spider webs at Sculthorpe Moor

Brenda writes: “Suffering from a streaming cold I didn’t go anywhere today so it’s just as well the moths come to me. There were four new ones today, two macros and two micros. We had another new hawk-moth, lime. I particularly like its delicate colours.

lime hawk-moth

We have now seen seven hawk-moth species this year.

Then an old friend, the large yellow underwing. It looks pretty drab when at rest but when it flies there is a flash of deep yellow from its hind or ‘under’ wing.

large yellow underwing

A challenge to Steve – to photograph one in flight.

I tend to only try to identify micros if they have reasonably distinctive markings and check them with James. I was successful with one, the pretty and very tiny scoparia ambigualis, and failed with the other, James correctly identifying it as celypha striana. How do they dream up these latin names?”

scoparia ambigualis

New species for June 15th:
Moths: lime hawk-moth, large yellow underwing, scoparia ambigualis, celypha striana

Birds = 200
Moths = 111
Wildflowers = 197