A foggy start…

So here we are on New Year’s day 2023 at the start of our “race”. We’re currently both up in Scotland for a few days and the weather has been fairly foggy – somewhat tough for seeing birds. And coupled with a slightly late evening yesterday (!) we decided to have a walk locally today rather than go anywhere in the car (the roads are rather icy too). So our first day didn’t net a lot of things, but the foggy views were rather beautiful!

fog above Leslie

New species for January 1st:
blue tit, great tit, coal tit, chaffinch, goldfinch, tree sparrow, dunnock, blackbird, carrion crow, jackdaw, raven, magpie, wood pigeon, wren, herring gull

Birds = 15
Moths = 0
Wildflowers = 0

A bit of a one-sided race so far of course!