A dove at Cley

This morning I headed out to Cley for a walk along the East Bank. The weather was cold and overcast, but dry, with very little wind. This made it a bit easier to look for bearded tits, but I only glimpsed one – though I did hear several more calling.

The surprise bird of the day was sitting on a patch of grass in the mostly flooded fields east of the bank – a stock dove. I had spent the first half of 2023 not managing to catch up with one of these: Loads of wood pigeons and plenty of feral pigeons, plus some rock doves and our local collared doves. I even managed to see turtle doves earlier in the year.

But it wasn’t until I was self-isolating in the camper-van with Covid in August that I first heard and then briefly saw a stock dove. So the bird today – close enough to photograph – was a nice bonus!

stock dove

There were also a couple of stonechats along the path, and a very smart male pintail. And just as I drove back into our driveway after my walk I disturbed a jay on the drive – beautiful birds.

jay (photo taken 2013)

No new species for November 26th:

Birds = 228
Moths = 256
Wildflowers = 290