A burnt rug? No – a scorched carpet

Brenda writes: “There was a bumper crop of moths overnight, around 150! Dark arches however were much less numerous today – only seven. By contrast I’m sure I’m getting a lot more broad-bordered yellow underwings this year; 18 today. There were also 22 shuttle-shaped darts, but today’s winner by miles were the large yellow underwings, in all 51 of them. For a long time the only member of the carpet family I’ve been seeing is least carpet, so it was really nice to finally see a common carpet – and there was also a scorched carpet. I’m bracing myself for a terrible Bingham joke… [see post title – Ed] Finally, another underwing, straw underwing.”

straw underwing
scorched carpet (from earlier this year)

New species for July 29th:
Moths: common carpet, straw underwing

Birds = 212
Moths = 194
Wildflowers = 263