Winter thrushes

Quite apart from the difficulty of getting a decent walk in awful weather, once I had taken Brenda to the local rail station I knew that I had a weekend where I wanted to get some DIY work done on the Scottish house before guests arrive on Monday. I am possibly the world’s worst person at DIY, but needs must – and actually it’s quite satisfying to manage to complete a job (to a reasonable though not professional standard), stand back and think “I did that!”.

And so with the rain showing no signs of abating I got on with some painting and decorating. There was one bird incident when I discovered that a wren had got in through the front doors – luckily once I opened them again it flew out fairly quickly! I did also see my first redwing of the winter when driving to Inverurie for some supplies. These members of the thrush family are – along with fieldfare – always a welcome sight.

redwing (photo taken 2007)

Brenda writes: “Today I was travelling south by train. The landscape in Scotland is rich with autumn colours now. Also apparent are the flooded fields after so much recent rain. There was a little bit of sunshine but then the weather closed in again and I drove back to Wells from Peterborough in the pouring rain!”

No new species for October 28th:

Birds = 226
Moths = 255
Wildflowers = 290