Jackdaws at dawn

Day two as a VIMTO and I managed to identify three moth species before sending the other photos to Brenda: a merveille du jour, a blue underwing and…..wait for it…..a couple of large yellow underwings!

Brenda writes: “The dawn chorus where I’m staying is slightly unexpected. There’s a magnificent stand of Lombardy poplars nearby so, rather than the twitter of small birds, the first sounds I hear are the ‘chack, chack’ of the jackdaws that roost there!

Today I had two walks. The first was round the fishing lakes next to the camp site where a wonderful habitat has been created – and not just for fish. Nature’s a bit confused by the mild weather and I found some fresh flowering clustered dock, water chickweed and annual wall rocket.

annual wall rocket
water chickweed

Then after lunch I headed off into the forest, finding some beautiful footpaths. Walking along a field margin I was reminded how dry the season has been. Areas which are obviously usually ponds are not only dry but their bottoms have grassed over. I managed to see five species of thistle flowering today – creeping, spear, marsh, musk and woolly. 

When I got back from my walk I poured myself a glass of wine and sat on the van step listening to tawny owls in the distance and the shh-shh of the wind in the poplars as the stars came out. Perfect…”

New species for October 6th:
Flowers: clustered dock, annual wall rocket, water chickweed

Birds = 221
Moths = 245
Wildflowers = 289