A hint of mint

Brenda writes: “This morning there was much more in the moth trap including eight saltmarsh plumes, agdistis bennetii. They have a very distinctive stance when settled, at a 45° angle rather than at right angles.

saltmarsh plume

There were three other moths, all distinctive in their own ways. The iron prominent has rusty markings on its wings, hence the name.

iron prominent

Yet another member of the rustic family made its first appearance, square-spot rustic and finally a beautiful micro which James says is known as the mint moth, pyrausta aurata.

square-spot rustic
mint moth

Steve and I headed over to Wighton to have a last look round the art exhibition at All Saints Church and on the way I saw some soapwort on the verge.”

All Saints church, Wighton, with added artwork, and a gravestone that seems to have a face on it!

New species for August 4th:
Moths: square-spot rustic, iron prominent, mint moth, saltmarsh plume
Flowers: soapwort

Birds = 214
Moths = 204
Wildflowers = 267