A lone shark

Brenda writes: “Today was a typical Sunday, going to Wighton and back to Wells in the morning, a village fair at Warham, then walking down to Wells for evening prayer and seeing on the way beautiful white bryony scrambling through some brambles.

white bryony and bramble

It was a  busy night in the moth trap. The shark is an impressive moth and in the photo I sent James there is also a dunbar “in the background “flat-sharing”!.

A shark (bottom) and a dunbar

I also had my first coronet, sycamore and small fan-footed wave for the year along with a good selection of regulars which included a lime hawk-moth.”


New species for July 9th:
Moths: coronet, sycamore, small fan-footed wave, shark, dunbar

Birds = 206
Moths = 177
Wildflowers = 235