Flowers in the sunshine

A busy day preparing for and then playing a duo concert with Brenda, in the church in Wells, meant that I didn’t get any time for wildlife watching. It was a good day though, with a large and appreciative audience for the concert: If I’m going to have a day when I can’t get out into nature it can be salvaged if I’m able to make music instead…..and vice-versa!

Brenda writes: “There are very few moths coming to the trap because the nights are still very cold but we did have a new one for the year today, a muslin moth. Plain brown with a fluffy head and feathered antennae, it has delicate spots on its wings.

muslin moth

Meanwhile, the wild flowers are charging ahead. In a short walk across Wells I saw three new species in flower, yellow corydalis which likes to grow on walls, thyme leaved speedwell which is very small with erect spikes, thyme shaped leaves (hence the name) and very tiny flowers, and finally, common poppy with its deep scarlet flowers, growing at the base of a wall in full sunshine.”

yellow corydalis
thyme leaved speedwell
common poppy

New species for May 2nd:
Moths: muslin
Flowers: yellow corydalis, thyme leaved speedwell, common poppy