Name those flowers

Brenda writes: “Today I was catching up on admin as I waited to hear from the hospital about how mum’s hip operation had gone (well, and I saw her in the evening). As I also had to distribute leaflets in the village of Warham I thought I would do a plant survey as I went around the village. I managed eleven species; not as many as I would expect, but I can see that any day now there’s going to be a burst of new ones coming into flower. At this time of the year nearly everything (with the exception of alexanders) is low growing or ground cover. They have to get going quickly before the grass swamps them!

I’ve mentioned the bank opposite Wighton churchyard which is very rich in flora, and I thought I’d do a little quiz. Can you name the five species flowering in this section of the bank? (the answers will be in the next blog entry)”

No new species for April 5th: